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I'm new here, very confused

Hello Upwork Community,




I am new to Upwork and really confused with the UI. I have upgraded to freelancer plus but never able to find the access to the following features:

(1) Level up with weekly office hours with an Upwork Coach

(2) Get exclusive access to the Freelancer Plus group
For feature (1), I have browsed around on the coaching page and its not free. What is thie feature (1) then referring to?
Regarding feature (2), I can't find that specific group as well.
First, I appreciate if anyone could help explaining how to access these things above to me and secondly, would upwork team really consider listing all these things for newly subscribed paid users with the URLs, so that we don't need to spend so much time looking for those things ourselves.
Thank you in advance for anyone's help.
Kind regards
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Still looking for a reply from the moderators if any


Hi J K,


For the Weekly Office Hours, I can confirm that as a Freelancer Plus subscriber, you should have access to this at no additional cost. I believe that you are confusing it with one-on-one coaching and other Live workshops, which are separate services and can have an additional cost. 


Regarding the Freelancers Plus group access, would you mind clearing your browser cache and cookies and checking again? I double-checked with the team, and you should be able to see the group under the "Groups" option at the top of this page.

~ Luiggi
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