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I mistakenly withdrew a job proposal

I withdrew a job proposal by mistake, I am going to start working on Monday. However, I have been told that I must try to solve this problem, could you help me please? I really need this job. I can't send a personal help request on upwork either, the page appears blank (I leave a screenshot below). Please, can someone help me with this? How can I speak to a Costumer Service Representative? thank you.

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Hi Nicole,


I'm afraid it's not possible to recover a proposal that you withdrew, and since you boosted your proposal, you won't be able to resubmit it. However, if you're already speaking with this client, they can send you a direct offer to start a contract with them. You can share this article with them for more information on how they can do that. 

~ Luiggi
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Oh, man 😞 I'm pretty sad. It was just a confusion.

I'll try to comment about this to the person who wants to hire me to see if it works for him.

If you think there is another option, let me know please. I don't want to be out of the job, since I did the interview and was only one step away from starting work. Thank you very much anyway, Luiggi.


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