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I think im being scamed about a job

Hello everyone I am very concerned. I need help plz. First I was contacted by **Edited for Community Guidelines** they needed to hire somebody for a receiving and reshipping job which base pay once a month was for $3,750 plus a $20 bonus every successful package that I shipped out which I can send you received one or two packages a week for the last month I mean expensive things too like iPhone 15 Pros and $450 stethoscopes from figs. The Friday before I was supposed to be paid on Sunday the 3rd I received correspondence from **Edited for Community Guidelines**and this other company **Edited for Community Guidelines**. **Edited for Community Guidelines**has referred me to this place called **Edited for Community Guidelines** and they want me on with them as well so anyway I got an email from the two explaining that **Edited for Community Guidelines** is now taking over **Edited for Community Guidelines** because of there being in a lot of debt and having to go through bankruptcy if they had not done this and still haven't paid me but are very very good at things so far **Edited for Community Guidelines** has sent to me via Paypal about $300 they set me up an entire LLC for a digital company of my own they have been very good with their words they have not misspelled anything and all of their ( , .! " ? )  is correct. They have addresses and phone numbers and emails attached to each email correspondence I get I have made online accounts via their link to do so which seems like a legitimate place and this is how they talk with me pretty much I get an email in my regular Gmail stating that I have a message waiting for me on my control panel board and then I log in and I see the message I don't know what to do right now I'm freaked out I don't know if this is real or not me and my husband keep going back and forth because of the things that has happened some of it seems to be like really unbelievable but then they are very legitimate and other things like they legally made me an LLC company who would put that much money up to do that for somebody for nothing and who would send somebody expensive products like iPhones that stethoscopes and all these things to reship for nothing just to f*** over somebody and hurt them when they're sending me money also please help me I'm so super freaked out with this I need to know if I should continue to move on with this or not. Included I screen shot some of the stuff so you can check it out. Now everytime I try to log into **Edited for Community Guidelines** I get told my ID or my password is incorrect. 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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There are answers needed. First, did you ever have an Upwork contract? Nothing in the screenshot looks like Upwork.


You have good reason to be concerned. If you do not have an Upwork contract, then there is nothing you can do.


This company did not set you up as an LLC, did not set up a business, and no business would behave so. There are so many red flags that make this a scam, I don't know where to start. The stuff about another business, etc. is nonsense.


Before you can proceed, you need to explain whether you used Upwork, and what was in that contract.


If I were you, I would stop all communication and work. Nothing about this situation is legitimate. Have you received any money? Or have you just re-shipped items?

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I'm sorry I should've  been more specific it wasnt an upwork project or job. It was through an email I received and it went from there. I have received 300 from them that is all. Evertime through PayPal 

I wish this was up at the October when i sign a contract with them. Hey I just went throught the same thing with the same company. I hit my 30 probation and im locked out the system. Im talking to a lawyer now to reslove this. I save all the contracts they had me signed n i sent it over to him. Im reaching out to people now to see if something can be done about this. Please im asking if your willing to help. 

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Hey girl I just got the email too and I been receiving packages too but have u got paid the 3750 yet or no and how much have they paid u cause I haven't got paid yet now I'm worried 

Your profile is empty, so I doubt you have an official contract on Upwork, which means you are violating Terms of Service, and you have to deal with the scammers directly.

She got trapped in a email based business scam, and came here looking for answers or reassurances that it is not a scam. 


With more people concurring, looks like an elaborate scam in the making.




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Did you ever find out if this was a scam? I'm going through this right now and I'm supposed to get paid this week. I'm I waiting for nothing?


Hi Lisa,


I checked your account but didn't see any recent proposals or messages. Communicating outside of Upwork before a contract starts is a violation of the Terms of Service


I want to clarify that a real client will never ask you to give them money to start working, cash a check for them, work for free, buy something for them, or provide your personal information. Whenever you encounter these situations, please report them using the available flagging options so the team can investigate further. Please take some time to read through this article for more information on how you can stay safe on Upwork.

~ Luiggi

I know this is not what you want to hear, but you could have avoided this situation if you followed the Terms of Service. If you did not have an Upwork contract, there is nothing anyone can do to help you. You need to use the link to the Academy at the top of the page and learn how to have a complete, professional profile, a mandatory item if you want clients and not more scams.


The good thing is, you have learned a lesson you won't repeat. It's one thing to ignore the Term of Service for YouTube, but when you are dealing in finances, you need to read every word. You have to protect yourself by following the Terms, and best business practices. No one will protect you, including Upwork. You must protect yourself.

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