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I want to report a client for using upwork for implicit sexual activity

I was hired by the assisstant of a client to help with the interpretation of a job interview to a candidate that only spoke spanish. The idea was that if this candidate was to be hired, I would facilitate communication between both parties. I finished this task and afterwards the client informed me that they decided not to hire the candidate, so they didn't need my interpretation services anymore. Nevertheless, the client informed me that he was really interested in learning spanish and asked me if I could teach him on a weekly basis. Since teaching is also included in my freelancing activities, we agreed on this. Then the situation became kinda strange, I feel like the client was treating me too casually and I -stupidly- tried to ignore it. It was also really hard to schedule the lessons, I feel like he was expecting me to be available anytime he randomly texted me. We only managed to have 2 sessions (and also, everytime I had a lesson prepared he insisted just in "talking" and having a conversation, which is OK but he didn't hire me initially to have "conversational spanish" lessons). The contract remained inactive for months and everytime I asked the client if he was ok with me closing it, he would just activate a milestone and stay we could meet in X day, just to cancel the lesson again. I decided to remain silent until upwork closed the contract automatically for inactivity. I was pretty ok since there was always something that felt off in the whole "work" relationship. Then a few days ago, out of nowhere, he texted me asking if I would be interested in meeting in person, not for business purposes but, in his words: "to spend leisure time together, see how enjoyable that is or where it might lead..." (I have the screenshot of the conversation as proof). I've been trying to report this client but since the contract is already closed and it was done through his assisstant I haven't been able to. I find it really upsetting that even through a remote platform these people just see women as something they can "request to have pleasure with". I am so sure this is not the first time this client has tried this with other freelancers, so I honestly hope UpWork can close his account and make it easier to report thesetype of harassment and improper requests in the workspace.

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You already reported.

But i think no action will be taken: he proposed, you rejected, he accepted. Also you have no evidence of sexual context. Simple speaking also may be enjoyable.

Block this client and forgot.

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You can still report him. Report that particular message and block him. The support team will take care of the rest. 

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