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I was Top Rated Plus, my JSS dropped to 88 and It got removed.

I was Top Rated Plus, my JSS dropped to 88 and I got removed. Now I have JSS score at 90 with 14 eligible weeks and I have not got my Top rated plus or any other badge back.
I want to generate a ticket for that.


Hi Hamza,


Congratulations, your Top Rated badge is almost here! The badge will be automatically assigned to your profile within 48 hours after you meet all the requirements listed here. Keep up the great work! 


- Pradeep

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This happens very often ... Hapened to me just now too, as I my JSS was 100% but suddenly droped to 92% without me doing any work during that time at all. It happens very often, I do all and work hard everytime to bring the JSS back to 100% but Upwork system cuts it everytime sometime later. I contact Upwork support everytime it happens but never get clear answer ... they always mention possible poor private feedback even though the general feedback is 5 star, but thing is this happens even if you did not have any contracts at all during that period. Here is the question, why would it drop if there were no contracts? 🙂 

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