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Identity Verification for Amplify

I am not able to verify my ID which is required once a month and is mandatory client requirement. This used to be a very smooth process. Just click Start, a chat opens, the rep gives a Google meet link and verification is done on video call.


But now, each time I try, it gives me the steps (attached IDV1). When I click start, it takes me to the next page with 2 options to do it with the phone (attached IDV2). But even on the phone, I get the same 2 options. 

When I try this from the phone app, it does the same thing. Now I realize I cannlt attach multiple images either.

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Hi Srikanta,


I see that our support team has responded to your ticket with more information and instructions for them to complete the ID review. Feel free to coordinate with the team; they'll gladly help.


~ Arjay
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I have received no communication on this from anyone. Except an email saying I only have 24 hours before my account suspension. The status has not changed. I have the selfie with a government ID no place to upload it. I cannot take this to the visual verification level.

Please guide me on how to locate my ticket, so I can find the information shared there.

Here are the selfies with my Government approved ID card. Please, I need this processed as quickly as possible. I only have 24 hours before my account is suspended.


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This is now resolved, thanks.

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