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Identity Verification

Hi Team, 


Today I got my Identity Verification tab in my settings, I have a few questions: -

Q.1) I don't have any last legal name so how are you guys gonna verify my Identity?

Q.2) In my UpWork profile, my current name is "Tushar Sharma", but legally I don't have a last name so what should I do next to get my UpWork Account Verified?

Q.3) My last name in my UpWork profile i.e. "Sharma" is used by me because it was required by UpWork account registration


Let me know your thoughts on it.


Hi Tushar,


If you are eligible or required to receive an “Identity Verified” badge, you can complete the two stages by going to Identity Verification in your Settings.


Freelancers requested to submit identification documents should submit any of the documents listed during the verification process. Note that the list is different for each country.


If you do not have any documents from the list, you can submit a different government-issued ID, ensuring it’s unexpired and valid. This will trigger a manual review process. Acceptable documents include passport, national ID card (NIC/CNIC), driver's license, NBI Clearance (Philippines only), tax ID, voter ID, postal ID, or any other valid government-issued photo ID that meets these criteria. 


Please note that your profile must represent you as an individual and that all the information in your profile, including your profile photo, needs to be accurate, truthful, and verifiable. We understand you may have provided a name and/or picture that you would like to update now. If that’s the case, and you’re being asked to verify your identity now, please proceed with submitting your ID and completing your Visual Verification anyways. If there is any issue or mismatch, our team will reach out to you directly to assist you.


Note that we occasionally ask users to re-verify because periodic checks ensure their accounts continue to reflect accurate information. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible and we thank you for your contribution to keeping Upwork a professional and safe community.


If you don't see a way to verify, that may be because you're not eligible yet. Please know that verification cannot be requested, but is slowly being rolled out to all talent. If the team finds the need to verify your account, you will be notified through an email, or through a notification in your account.


~ Joanne

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enter to the setting and click on the ID verification. after you can upload your ID and wait an approval.
(If it is helpful to you, make it a solution)

Tural Babashov

That option will only be available when Upwork gives you access, generally when you start earning. You cannot request ID verification.

I can still find a job if I'm not a verified user?

Kevin Kyle Lopez
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I am a dual citizen and verified my account with Egyptian ID as I was in Egypt at the time of creating the account .. I am now in the US and want to update my verified Id to my US passport, for tax and other purposes. Can somone Please assist. 

All you need to do is update your location to your new address in the United States and contact upwork support to inform them of your migration, that's all.

Your account have been verified and there is no need to re-verify it 

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I have craete upword profile and on the verification page, I see 

Submit a document


We're reviewing your documents and will get back to you within 1 business day.

Thanks for helping to keep Upwork safe. Your ID will not be shared with clients.

but I have not submitted any document for ID verification yet. What should I do? How do I verify my account?

Hi Syed Muhammad,


Thank you for reaching out and reporting this. We understand how alarming this situation is for you and please allow us to look into this. I've shared your report to the appropriate team for further review. One of the members will surely review your profile and assist you accordingly via email. You can also access your ticket here for updates.


~ Arjay
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How can I get the option of ID Verification? I am already 2 weeks here in upwork, so I can send proposals. Thanks

Kevin Kyle Lopez

Hi Kevin,


I appreciate your interest in getting your ID verified. However, at this moment, you are not yet required to go under verification.
When the time comes that you need to verify your identity (usually during your first contract), our team will reach out to you with instructions. You will also be notified via the Upwork page, and the link to verify your identity will be available.
Please learn more about ID Verification here: ID Verification Badge.

Being new to the platform, I recommend you take some of our online lessons here.


I hope this is helpful. 

~ Matt E

Ohh, I see thanks a lot.

Kevin Kyle Lopez
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I am having an issue verifying my account, I can't find the identity verification tab in my profile settings and I don't know what to do. Please I need help.


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Same here, I also can't verify my identity because there is no identity verification option. 

Community Member

Why can't I see the identity verification option in my Upwork profile settings? I've already filled out my profile, but I still can't see the option. What should I do to make sure my identity is properly verified so that I can use all of the platform's features and advantages? Please assist me.

Hi Vinay Kumar,


We’ll let you know when it’s time to verify your identity. You won’t be able to do so until we request verification. We’ll email you and notify you when you sign in to your account if you need to verify.

~ Joanne
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I want to verify my identity on Upwork and get a blue tick so my bids and connects are not wasted anymore (As clients tend to ignore freelancers with no blue tick). I had submitted images of my National Identity Card, now the second and final step which is visual verification is pending. I cannot see the "Identity Verification" menu in settings anymore and from some research it seems it is now held with a customer support agent. Please guide me to the next steps on how do I verify my account as soon as possible.


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I was born in Iran however I currently reside in the United States. I was asked to do a Government ID Verification which I am happy to do but on the drop-down menu, there is no recognition of Iran as a country so I couldn't select the proper country. I had no other choice other than to choose the US as the country and upload my Iranian Passport. Now, I am worried this would affect my current offers and wouldn't allow me to do a Government ID verification. I can provide proof of residency etc. if that is what is required. This is quite frustrating and I appreciate any help or support.


Thank you,


Hi Fatemeh,


Thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry if you're having difficulties verifying your ID. Please know that in compliance with U.S. law, Upwork does not conduct business with individuals and entities on a list called the Specially Designated Nationals ("SDN") list. Unfortunately, Iran is one of the countries listed in it which is why it's not available on the dropdown. For more information on these laws, click here


I took the liberty of sharing your concerns directly with the team handling the review. One of the members will surely review your case and assist you accordingly via email. Please don't hesitate to coordinate to resolve the issue.


~ Arjay
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i am unable to complete verification in my upwork profile .ID Verificaiton menu is missing in profile setting .please guide

Hi Munawar,


I have checked your account, and it doesn't need further verification yet. Please remember that you cannot initiate the identity verification yourself, and cannot be requested. If the team finds the need for you to do it, you will receive an email detailing the instructions for completing your verification. You may want to check this help article for more information. 


~ Arjay
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i am unable to complete profile verification. ID verification menu missing in setting .Please guide

Hi Saima,


I have checked your account, and it doesn't need further verification yet. Please remember that you cannot initiate the identity verification yourself, and cannot be requested. If the team finds the need for you to do it, you will receive an email detailing the instructions for completing your verification. You may want to check this help article for more information. 


~ Arjay
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I have just submitted my ID for verification, its a PHILHEALTH ID and im not quite sure if it would be accepted but the address differs from my address that ive provided in my upwork profile since weve already moved to a different place. Also, my name on my upwork profile would just be a display name and not my full name. im really anxious to know if that would affect the verification process?  

Hi Bella,


I'm sorry if you're having difficulties verifying your ID. I took a closer look at your case, and the team is unable to accept the document you provided. Philhealth, Pag-IBIG loyalty ID, or any other photo ID are not accepted. 


However, I see that the team has reached out to you via email with more information and further instructions for resolving the issue. Feel free to coordinate with the team by responding to the email and they will surely assist you accordingly. You may also access the support ticket linked to your case here for updates.


~ Arjay
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Good Afternoon everyone,


I was just trying to get my profile verified and when I went in settings it was not giving me the Identity Verification option.


I would really appreciate some help with this,



You cannot initiate it. Upwork will contact you for verification later.

I see, thank you for the quick response. I just completed my profile to 100%, is there like an estimated time of how long it takes?


Thank you for helping me out Mykola 

Community Member

I want to verify, but the page is not working.




Hi Nika,


It doesn't look like you need to verify your account yet. The team will let you know if there is a need for any verification in the future. Please know that verification cannot be requested. If the team finds the need to verify your account, you will be notified through an email or through a notification in your account with more information on how you can complete the verification process.

~ Luiggi
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Thank you Luiggi

Community Member

Hello! I need to verify the account for the job that I will be applying to. I still cannot find the identity verification option. I need it ASAP. Please advise! My account is 100% complete for over a week. Will subscribing to Plus help me expedite it? Please I need it ASAP.

You will get the identity verification option after completing the first contract on Upwork.

Hello, Eman.


Good day! 


I am really concerned on the verification on my upwork account, I badly need it. I am going to apply to the company I am referred to. Unfortunately, I cannot verify my account due no option for identity verification. The company needs me to verify my account first. It's been weeks since I completed my profile, I still cannot verify it. I did lots of research but none of them helped. Also, I tried applying small contracts so I can somehow start having a work. Still, it never helped. My connects are almost nothing left but I still cannot get the verification. Please help! Thank you.


Yours truly,

Floremhil Sencil

Hi Floremhil,


We understand that having a verified badge in your profile can really be helpful in making your profile stand out and be trusted.
Please know that once you are eligible/required, you’ll be notified upon logging in to complete the verification process.
If you didn't get the email notification, your account is not yet due for identity verification.
You don't have to worry, our specialized team will definitely give you a prompt or reach out directly via email once you are required to complete the verification process. You can read more about the verification badge here.
Hence the ID verification page not showing up on your account settings. We encourage you to keep sending proposals and applying for jobs. When required or eligible, you will get a notification to complete the verification process. 

~ AJ
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Upwork requires to upload ID that has an address but my National ID has the Address on the back side. Upwork asks only to upload the front side of the ID. How Can i upload both sides of my ID?


It has been rejected and i dont know what to do?



Hi Jona,


I can see that the team contacted you via a support ticket with more information about your verification process. Kindly refer to it for more information, and don't hesitate to follow up via that same ticket if you have questions.

~ Luiggi
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Hi Luiggi, I have been struggling to get my account verified for months now since joining, please what do I have to do to be eligible for a verification? 

Do I have to complete my first job first before getting one?

Hi Carol,


Please be aware that the ID verification cannot be requested but is slowly being rolled out to all talent. If the team finds the need to verify your account, you will be notified through an email or a notification in your account.


~ Arjay
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Hi there,


I have a new Upwork account and I am doing my first job with a client. I have submitted my details about my verification already but I still receive the following message :

"Some of your services are temporarily on hold
We would love to get you up and running again on Upwork. But first, we need you to take a few minutes to verify your identity. Click “Get Started” below to begin or “Learn More” for details. Thank you! GET STARTED or LEARN MORE 
When I click to "GET STARTED" it shows the name of my brother instead of my name and it cannot be changed as mentioned below:

The ID you upload must have the same name and date of birth entered below.

Full Name
Date of Birth
Please guide me on how I may get through this.
Best regards,

Hi Umar,


I am sorry to hear about the error message displayed on your account. I can see that you've raised a support ticket regarding your concern and one of our team members is already assisting you. You can access your support tickets here. Please don't hesitate to follow up with them on the same support ticket if you have additional questions regarding your concern. Note that support requests are responded to in the order they are received. Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the team to follow up with you and assist you further.

Thank you,

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