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“Increase storage size” popup

I keep getting pop ups on Upwork asking me: "Increase Storage Size? Do you want to allow "https:/ www.upwork.com" to use up to 1.1 GB of storage on your iPad?"


How can I delete content from my Upwork storage, so that I don't need to increase the storage size?


Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Patricia,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please share a screenshot from your end so that we can look into this further and assist you accordingly?


~ Nikola
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Thank you!

Community Member

Hi Nikola,


I came here today to check for updates, then realized my screenshot didn't come through on my reply to the email, even though all content was above the line. Here, I have attached a screenshot of the email I sent.


One day, I accidentally selected "Allow" instead of "Don't Allow", and of course I haven't had the pop-up since.


I also went into my storage settings for my browser on my iPad, and deleted the website data for the Upwork site. It was showing that Upwork was using five hundred plus MB - but that's still far from the 1.1 GB mentioned on the pop-up (unless that's just the next level it goes to?).  I'm not sure if that would be related to this pop-up or not.


I would still like to know how to prevent this in the future, and how I might be able to manage how Upwork is using my iPad storage.


Your assistance is appreciated!

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