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Inquiry Regarding Withdrawal Method and Payment Options for Freelancers from Mali

Hello UpWork Team, I have some questions to ask you regarding my withdrawal method. I set up my withdrawal method on UpWork with Payoneer. The problem is I'm from Mali, and if I'm not mistaken, I've read somewhere that Payoneer doesn't support withdrawals with Malian XOF currency.




Recently, I tried to make a withdrawal to my bank account. However, after a few days, I received a notification stating that my bank account couldn't process the funds and they were returned to my Payoneer account. My bank confirmed that there's no issue on their side.




Now I'm asking as a freelancer from Mali, what payment method should I add to my account? I've seen that you have a direct bank account method. Does this apply to someone from Mali? What are the fees, if so?"




And the last question is about the funds that I sent to my Payoneer account. Since they can't be sent to my bank account, can I retrieve them to my Upwork account?


Hi Makan,


I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble using your Payoneer account. I'm afraid that you can't send the funds back to your Upwork account once they are withdrawn.


You can find more information about the payment methods you can use to withdraw your funds and their respective fees in this article

~ Luiggi
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The funds are still in my Payoneer account they are not withdrawn, can't be withdrawn, I want to send them back to my Upwork account to withdraw them with the usa dollar wire transfer method.

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