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Interviewing # with no invites sent

Hello. I checked on the status of a job that I applied for...

Here are the stats:


Interviewing 3

Invites 0

Unanswered invites 0


What does interviewing 3 mean? Are they already interviewing 3 freelancers? Anticipate interviewing 3 freelancers from the 20-50 applications received? Did they invite 3 freelancers to interview who didn't apply for the job?


I'm confused since the invites is 0.

Thank you.

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20-50 freelancers want this job. Client speaking with 3 of them. 

Invites is optional. Client able to invite someone or just review one of applied already.

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IInvites are not strictly connected to interviews, Amanda, and vice versa. So yes, the Client is interviewing 3 out of the 20/50 applicants.

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