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Job Post Generator (Beta)

Starting in late April, some clients can use a job post generator when posting a job.


Check out the product update for Job Post Generator (Beta) and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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Aside from the well-made points above about aiding deception for scammers, most of these "may have been assisted by AI" job posts that I saw looked like regular job ads.


As freelancing is not full-time, exclusive employment, then why would I apply to any of these jobs, and give the client the misleading impression that I simply can't wait for my time and deliverables to be managed by them up their reporting line?


There's no way that I'd apply for such a thing.


There's a vast difference between the description of a need by a business owner for an experienced, independent, self-starter freelancer to solve, and a job post by a middle manager or HR representative outlining the skills, certifications, personal qualities & university degrees one needs to be able to succeed in the 'role'.


Vastly different things, and I saw a lot of the latter coming through with these jobs tagged as generated by AI.


Fundamentally flawed and incompatible with the platform, in my view.

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im intrested

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Love the ai job poster. Challenge I'm having is finding it after using it once.Where/how do I access the ai job poster? It popped up when I posted first but then it's not visible now


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