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Link GitHub & Stack Overflow Accounts to Upwork Profile

Starting February 20, half of all freelancers can add their GitHub and Stack Overflow accounts to their Upwork profile. 


Check out the product update for Link GitHub & Stack Overflow Accounts to Upwork Profile and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

Community Member

Excellent feature! Have been dreaming about this update for a long time. But looks like I am not one of those lucky half. When can we expect to have this option available for all of us?

Community Member

When will this be live for everyone?

Community Member

Like others, I'm interested in having this available on my profile. When can we expect that to happen?

Community Member

This is a nice feature, the problem is, on my github profile page i have links to my upwork, fiverr, linkedin profiles and my email address. I don't want to sanitize my github profile page. Am i still allowed to link it?

Community Member

Why am I never part of the 50%?

Community Member

Can you also please add a possibility of setting which stackoverflow site you want to link? For example, there are dedicated stackoverflow sites (they are stack exchange) fo specific technologies/topics? For example, for salesforce https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions I'd rather to see it in my profile, if I am a salesforce developer

Community Member

Finally got it! Looks great! time to dust off my StackOverflow account

Community Member

Hey Shannon L!  I linked the **wrong** github account to my profile.  I only discovered that today.  How can I fix it?  The 2020 solution posted doesn't work.

Community Member

How can I link my stack overflow account please, I can't find the option anywhere on upwork

Hi Ibrahim, 


I would be happy to help. Could you please go to your Settings > Profile Settings and scroll to the Linked accounts section at the bottom of the page? You should see the option to add StackOverflow. Here is a screenshot for reference.  


Let us know if you need further assistance. 

~ Nikola
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