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Marketplace Updates: Boosted Proposals and Connects

Two new Marketplace updates: 

  1. Introduced a fourth slot in Boosted Proposals, increasing your chances of being noticed, while continuing to let clients see who is most interested in their job post.
  2. Adjusted the range for the cost of Connects per job to better match the demand for jobs in the Marketplace.


Check out the product release for Marketplace Updates: Boosted Proposals and Connects and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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You're probably right, in that the highest bidder probably isn't always winning.


But Upwork's goal here is to increase revenue at the expense of freelancers. So as long as the 'illusion' of bidding high continues to exist, the vast majority of people will continue to bid high and throw their money away.


It's the same trick that nearly every corporate company uses to convince customers they are paying extra for the value their product/service provides, when in actuality, people are just being ripped off with extortionate prices.

Freelancers need to run their business, and not follow every gimmick a platform throws in front of them.

Terrible opinions appear to be your thing. 

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She gets them from poorly made generative AI. Her other comment could sound like "UpWork needs to run their business, and not follow every whim freelancers throw in front of the platform" and yes add "In physical world" somewhere in-between.

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Unfortunately, there isn't a well-made generative AI that exists. The entire thing is a hoax, puffed up by a compliant media happy to jump onto the 'next big thing'. The myth of AI is built on the idea of what it 'could' do and 'will' do, rather than what it actually can do. Even the CTO of OpenAI doesn't seem to know what their training models are built on. There are major chip and energy issues to overcome, which are a long time off. Just like NFTs and the Metaverse, it's one big scam. What AI actually delivers is pretty mediorce compared to the promises made about it. Companies are starting to realise that they are not really seeing a significant financial benefit from investing in AI and there's every change the bottom is going to fall out of the tech sector sooner rather than later.

Have you used the PAID version of these tools and are you a prompt engineer expert?

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There is always a bit or accuracy or truth in a terrible opinion.

Its only terrible to the single minded.

Just like politics, same old song and dance.

I rarely review more than 5 applications if met 2 decent ones and first three in my list are the top most. But this is just me.



Freelancers need to update their Profiles to the latest Upwork algos and have generative AI skills to succeed.

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Whether you eat eggs or don't eat chicken.

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what about the fake/scam jobs (PDF to word) which waisted my all connects?

If you have flagged the job as a scam and the job is deleted, your connects are returned.
So it doesn't happen to you again, read this:
- https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b...

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