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My Job Success Score miscalculation

Hello, I think there is miscalculation on my JSS.

Recently I got 2 jobs and those 2 jobs were both cancelled.
The first contract was ended suddenly as the client didn't want the project to be done anymore in the middle of contract.
And the second contract was ended by client as well because I was not able to work on the second milestone. I completed first milestone and client was happy with my result. Then we moved on to the second milestone but I was not able to work on second milestone as I was in operation with my legs for 15 days. When I returned on upwork after operation, client ended contract as I was not responsive . But he gave me a good feedback and good rating.
I think there has been misunderstanding and miscalculation on JSS.
I think these two contracts won't affect my job success score.
I need help with this matter.
Thank you.
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