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My Manager cannot change my hiring status to Source Talent Only

She gets this pop up note


Update member permission


The following team members are currently assigned as primary contact person on active contracts and their hiring permissions can't be edited. Please updte all contracts referencing these team members to a different contact person before changing their hiring permissions.
What to do on this issue?


Hi Carlito,


As mentioned in the pop-up message, you're already set as the contact person responsible for freelancer's contracts. By default, this is the person who hired the freelancer or agency, but you can set it to be anyone on your team who has Full hiring permissions.


Could you please advise your manager to follow the instructions provided in the message? They can assign a different contact person, then try changing your hiring permissions to "Source Talent Only." Let us know if you need further assistance, and we'll investigate further.


In the meantime, you and your manager can read through this help article to learn more about managing your team's permission.


~ Arjay
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