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My account has been “temporarily suspended”. No letter, no ticket. What do I do?

My account has been “temporarily suspended”.

I assume my previous computer had a VPN enabled, and I used it for about 1 day when accessing the Upwork site.

The Upwork site/support chat offers three ways to contact them to resolve the issue:

1. Reply to the email that was sent.

2. Send us a message from the suspension ticket in your "My Requests" folder.

3. Use the "File an Appeal Now" link to open the "Submit Suspension Appeal page". 


1. There is no email, at the same time I get other emails from Upwork.

2. There is no ticket in my request's folder.

3. The page opens and immediately redirects to the Help Center page.


That is, none of the ways to contact support doesn't work.

Question - how do I contact support to resolve the issue?


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Hi Andrii,

When using the chatbot for communication, instead of selecting the actual issue option, choose "Other." This should connect you to live support, as the bot won't be able to resolve the issue without human interaction. It worked for me before, so give it a try.

Hi Natasha, thanks for your advice, I created a ticket. I hope it helps.


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