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My account was closed by upwork

Good day everyone 


I'm here to bring awareness of injustice to my person from upwork. Yesterday evening I received an email that 2 clients I'm working for has been refunded, a very big shock. But the. The biggest shock came, I tried to login me my account and I saw that my account has been closed by upwork, and I'm ask to contact support to reopen my account. Since then I've been trying to reach out to them but all to no avail, I've not gotten any response. 

so I result to opening this account so I can bring this to the community. I've been a law abiding freelancer since I joined this platform a couple of months ago, no altercation with any clients. Just me doing my work diligently, so I'm very suprised upwork closed my account and even with my hard earned money in it. The clients I'm currently working for are even suprised and alarm about this injustice.

I need
 help in bringing my account back, please help me. 

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