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My post was removed and it says I was in violation of the terms

I created a post looking to hire someone to help me rebuild my résumé, and for some reason my post was taken down, saying it was in violation of the terms. I'm not sure what the issue was can someone please help me get this fixed?

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Maybe you shared contact details or so. Cannot say for sure, i dont know what you posted. CV rebuilding is allowed job.


Hi Megan,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I took a closer look at your concern and it seems like the team noticed that you created a job post to advertise your talent services. This may look like you have inadvertently signed up as a client looking to hire talent rather than a freelancer looking to earn money from completing work. This was probably by accident but they have removed the job posting Client Executive so there is no confusion.


A notification has been sent to you via email with more details. I can also see a support ticket you've raised with the same concern. You may want to coordinate with the team and explain the specific description of the job in question. You could do that by responding to the email or updating your ticket here.


~ Arjay
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