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Need to delete a freelancer account

Good Afternoon people of upwork!


First, let me just say that, while hiring on this platform has always been a breeze, I constantly have issues actually attempting to do any freelance work. 

Secondly, I have already obtained permission to have both a client account and a freelancer account, so please do not ban my client account, which I am posting on now, for asking about the other account (as that happened the last time I reached out, and it took nearly a month to resolve.)


I am locked out of my account. The answer to my security question is constantly being rejected, and for whatever reason the email I have on file for that account never receives instructions to reset said password.

I attempted to use the form to retrieve, however I do not believe I ever processed any transactions on the previous account, thus cannot answer any questions (such as credit card number or date/amount of transaciton) it asks me for.

I simply wish to have that account deleted (which I believe has no money or history on it anyhow) and start a new one so I can once again offer services. 

How can I do this?


Hi Charles,


Thank you for your message. Could you please click on my name above this post and send me a private message with the registered email address for the account in question?


Thank you,


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