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I am truly baffled/upset with the process of pay here at Upwork. First job here. Client decided after hiring me, that their biz wasn't strong enough to hire a new tech as I had been. He sent me a bonus, then paid me for the two hours of onboarding and I'm able to see he sent the money to Upwork. All last week, the site told me that my next withdrawal would be 8/2? That came and went, now the next withdrawal is set for next Wed? WTH? I see Upwork received his money to pay ME. Why do they not only charge FEES on the little money I made and desperately need, then they want to hold onto it? Or make it so friskin difficult to get? Won't use this platform again. As a 30 yr IT tech who dropped his rate by half , only to find out the client wasn't ready to hire, then have this happen? Wow. It's amazing this job board has lasted and/or continues to be used


Hi Steve,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the client. Regarding your payment, if you go to your Reports Home Page, you should be able to see a breakdown of where your funds currently are. You currently have some funds under the "In review" tab, which means that those are going through the client's review period, which goes from Monday through Friday, for your previous week's hours. After that, those funds become available the following Wednesday.


The funds you see in your Pending tab, are going through a security verification and should become available on the date you see right next to the Job/Milestone description. After the funds are available, you can either let them follow your automatic payment schedule, or manually withdraw them to your payment method of choice. I'd recommend that you take a look at this help article so you can better understand how the billing cycle works. 

~ Luiggi
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Thank you so much for your informational reply. Seriously. All last week, it showed my "auto withdrawal" date as yesterday. As I said, no money was in my acct or moved from here so it was frustrating. Especially since I made debtor promises I couldn't keep. Thanks again

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