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Password Reset Link Not Arriving



Good day to you all. I am reaching on behalf of a coworker who is currently having issues logging into her Upwork Account. (She cannot even log into the support page) She has asked me to write this:


"Hello there!


I am reaching you here this morning because I am unable to log into my Upwork Account.


My username is: **Edited for Community Guidelines** and I am reaching you with the email associated with my account. **Edited for Community Guidelines**


I remember changing the password on the 29th of June, but cannot remember the password exactly.


I have tried doubtlessly to reset the password, but the email with the password reset link never comes.


Bear in mind that I still remember my security question and have access to the phone number with which I registered the account.


I am relatively new to Upwork and am expecting a payment in two days.


I will love it much if you look into this and make things easier for me. I am a thread away from being frustrated.


Thanks so much, and warm regards.

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Hi Ubong,


I'm sorry to hear your friend has that type of issue, it's frustrating indeed.


I suggest that since you're able to login, you contact the Support Team on your coworker's behalf.

Start with the Chatbot and if the issue is not solved you'll be redirected to send them a message describing the issue. 


No promises during weekend though.. 👍 




Oh. I am able to log in alright. She's the one who is unable to. She tells me she has tried the Chatbox but it always leads to a dead end, as the reset link never comes. She is also unable to speak to an agent. 

..the Chatbox always leads to a dead end..

I think after that dead end she should be given the choice of creating a Request. Which is a form she'll need to fill with any info and her issue.. there is no agent to speak to (maybe on weekdays?) . I know it's quite tricky as I was also trying to reach them and had difficulties.. but tell her to try again! Until she reaches the point for a Request submission.


Hi Ubong,


Thanks for reaching out on behalf of your friend. I can see that you were able to raise their concern via a support ticket on your end. You can rest assured that one of our agents will follow up in 24-48 hours. 

~ Luiggi
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