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Payment Delay!

Just a question, sir/ma'am. I'm also not sure if there really is an issue here. haha. But I'm just wondering why my payment yesterday for withdrawal hasn't been transferred yet. The streak seems to be broken now because every Wednesday in the morning I transfer money to the bank and then reflect in the evening. Well, the delay is only 1 day as of now, but I'm already worried and I also need the money. Also recently, my original client went on vacation, so the only person handling his business now is his partner, he is my acting boss now. Then I saw my transaction history (please see attached) that the latest date is next week. He has already jumped for 1 week so I am worried that my total payment may be delayed for 1 week or even longer. I'm also thinking that maybe my acting boss didn't take care of it, but I'm not really sure if he needs to do something on his end. Is this normal or do I need to let my boss know about this? Thanks in advance to those who answer!


Hi John Rey,


I checked your account and saw that one of our agents had updated your ticket and provided more information about your payment concerns. You can check the information they have shared with you in this ticket

~ Joanne
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