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Payment Pending

I am having trouble undestanding why I am not able to access my funds as yet, this is my first time woking on Upwork and I have chosen the Wie transfer method to get paid. I added my information on Dec 4th, 2023 and I was told I would be able to start transferring 3 days after I added my information but I still show it as pending. I have added all my tax information and all my banking information and I am not sure why It's still showing me this. Would like for someone to help me.


Hi Karen,


Congratulations on winning your first job on Upwork! There are 2 main types of contracts on Upwork: Fixed Price contracts and Hourly contracts on Upwork. The time it takes for your earnings to show up on your Upwork account depends on the type of contract you have.


I looked at your account and I noticed that you have an hourly contract active on your Upwork account. All logged hours on the hourly contracts are billed as per the weekly billing cycle. That said, your logged hours are currently under a security period and will become available on your Upwork account on Dec 13, 2023. You can check the status of your funds on the Report page.


One more thing to keep in mind: The best way to track your work hours is to use the Upwork Desktop App. This app allows you to record your activity, take screenshots, and submit your timesheets automatically. It also helps you avoid disputes and ensure payment protection. Using the Upwork Desktop app is a smart and professional choice for freelancers. Feel free to message us if you have further questions.


- Pradeep

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