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Payment to wrong bank information

Hi, i have been passing around via upwork support and I am desprate now. Upwork made a payment to my account which information was not correct. After 1 month of waiting for my ticket, i got a reply from upwork that the refund has been rejected from bank due to insufficient funds. And keep telling me to contact my bank. I did. I called my bank, they said the money went back to Upwork and the sender has to do something about it. Upwork support keep repeating contact with your bank directly. I did! Please direct me. Somebody trace my money please

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Hi Poya,


I took a closer look at your case and confirmed that the team has initiated a trace for the funds in question. As previously advised by your bank, the funds were already received by the bank account used in the transfer. Funds were already exhausted/withdrawn therefore, the funds cannot be returned to Upwork according to your bank.


You may validate this and continue coordinating with the team by accessing your ticket here.


~ Arjay
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to who ever has the same problem as me : Upwork denied any help. 


Make sure you put in the right banking information to avoid further problems and set up the withdrawal schedule appropriately.

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