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Profile Views vs Impressions and Clicks


My profile has a lot of impressions and clicks in last 7 days, I received few invitations and even started with some contracts.

But my Profile Views is still showing 0 in last 7 days. What is the difference between Profile Views and Impressions and Clicks and why my profile has 0 views after all?

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I'd also like to know -- what is the difference between "impressions" and clicks?  


Seems like the mods should have answered this from November 28th. 

Hi Aladin and Lisa,


Apologies if this wasn't addressed. I'd be happy to share more information about profile views, impressions, and clicks.


Profile views are when people view your profile, regardless if your profile was boosted or not.


Now regarding impressions and clicks, after posting a job, clients are prompted to invite freelancers to submit a proposal. If your profile is boosted, you’ll appear as one of the first three profiles on the list when we prompt clients to invite freelancers to their new jobs. This means that your freelancer profile shows like an ad” to the client. With an impression a client only sees an advertisement or it was shown to the client. An engagement, or a click, happens when the customer actually follows through and clicks on the ad.

~ AJ

Thanks, Annie.


You said an impression means they are only seeing an ad. So, they click on the ad, and then what?  Do they see one profile or several? 


Hello Annie?

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how to get impression and profile views in upwork 

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