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Profile not displaying what I select

It appears that my profile has a glitch in regard to the "Verifications" section. It has displayed that I am a Military Veteran. I am, in fact, not a Military Veteran and never even selected such. I have tried numerous times to change it to display the correct option by clicking "I did not serve in the military", but it never saves. I receive a message pop-up on my screen saying that it won't display my military status, yet it still continues to do so. Are there any known workarounds for this glitch?


Thanks for any assistance! Have a blessed day!

Military Status 1.pngMilitary Status 2.png

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I think that is ok since it is your view of your profile (mine looks the same), check your public profile.

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Dont worry. You can see no "verified" icon at Military status. It mean that no status applied.

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Just checked and it is correct! Thank you both so much!

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