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Proposal Views

On February 22, we launched a test feature that provides freelancers with timestamps of when clients viewed their submitted proposals.


Check out the product update for Proposal Views and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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Its almost 2 months passed of this feature but still not able to see this feature on my profile. Please let me know when this feature is available to all?



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Hi, I have neither ever received any notification whether my proposal has been viewed by the client nor an eye icon appears before any proposal.


Can someone please help me fixing this issue? Profile link 


Thanks and Regards


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I can check the profile and proposal views in My Stats but my concern is why I'm not able to check the proposal views for a specific job. Even though I am getting views on my proposal but can't checkout for a specific one. Please help me with this.


Hi Jaswinder,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your ticket on this page.


~ Nikola
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Thank you Nikola, the problem is resolved now!

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I have a question:


I've noticed that more than 50% of my proposals, including those that I boosted (!), are not "viewed by clients".

I'm curious to understand why clients don't open every proposal?


Could you please shed some light on this?


Thank you,


I hear you! Over 75% of mine, including boosted—some weeks lately, over 90% of mine—are NOT viewed. For the last several months. Your question has been asked all over this site since about December....  & if you're "only" at 50% unviewed, you're doing well.


Upwork has become the top place where statistically, you CAN'T get a job. Algorithm changes, plus FLOOD of low-quality freelancers, drowning out the proposals of Top Rated pros with decades of experience on and off Upwork, some who've been here since elance/ odesk. If you can't get views, you can't get a job, but hey! Upwork gets connects, and apparently that's a business model for a FORMERLY-freelancing website.

You are right! Upon careful observation, it appears that the open rate for my proposals is around 70-80% (including boosted).

Also, none of the 7 proposals I submitted two days ago have been opened thus far.

This situation is a bit concerning, and I find myself wondering how I can get the job if no one opens my proposals?!

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I think this feature is great. It shows how rarely a proposal is even being viewed by a client, so it sheds a lot of light on the idea that freelancers should pay to send proposals. Unless you change the connect structure back or provide more connects every month, I will be on my way off this site.

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Hello freelancer friends,


Every time I look at my proposals, I see that most clients didn't even see my offer. For example in this screenshot below, some proposals haven't been seen days after it was posted. It's as if the client simply posted a job, and didn't come back. In fact, only one client has seen my offer.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Now, it should be Upwork's job to make sure that the client sees our offer.


If the client doesn't see our offers after a certain period, shouldn't we get a refund on the connects?


Please share your views on this matter, thanks.

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There's a big difference between what we SHOULD get, and what we WILL get.

This entire topic has been debated to death in numerous threads.  UW will never give you connects back just because a client didn't view your profile.  Just consider your spent connects as a business expense, just like buying office supplies.

Sure, in a perfect world, it would be nice to get connects back when a client doesn't even view our profiles, but it won't happen, so don't stress about it, and just apply to what you feel to be a good fit, then walk away.

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Hi Shannon,


Well that doesn't explain why the clients don't view our proposals, there is a clear need for improvement in this field. I was going to boost some of my proposals, but I can see that other members are reporting that they don't have any view either, even when they pay extra to boost their proposal. 

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I think this is fantastic, especially in the context of using connects.

When a client "views your proposal," your connects are spent. This feature makes Upwork's process more transparent.

I wish we could have like a more intuitive and comfortable way to see how we spend connects to improve our investing skills. 

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When will you be launching this for the rest of us?

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Hi Shannon,

This is great, as it reduces the anxiety of the unknown. But I can't find this feature on my profile please.

What can I do Please?



The feature is not on your profile. Go to "Find Work...Proposals" for your submitted proposal list. If the client has viewed any of your proposals, you will see an eye icon next to it. Hover over the eye to see the day and time.

Jennifer Neighbors
Microsoft Access Designer and Developer
My profile

Quite helpful.

Thanks Jennifer

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(Congratulations! Your recent proposal has been viewed! This is an exciting milestone on your path to freelance success.)
today i have received a notification but bit confused the function of this notification...............

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