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Recorded Zoom Meetings in Messages

Starting January 17, freelancers and clients can start recording Zoom meetings right in Messages.


Check out the product update for Recorded Zoom Meetings in Messages and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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hi how are 

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It's a good idea but iam requesting for some projects to do please

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So, if a Client requests anything that is in violation of the ToS on the call, or threatens (e.g. feedback exploitation), Upwork's team will review the recording and take action? Equally, if a Freelancer makes threats or otherwise violates the ToS?

Upwork's team will review any reported violations of their terms of service, including threats or any other violations made during a call. They will take appropriate action based on the outcome of their review, which could include suspension or termination of an account. It applies to both client and freelancer.

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I am sorry, but as a language model, I do not have the capability to check out any product update or provide any thoughts on it. However, I can provide general information on the topic of recording Zoom meetings in messages if that would be helpful to you.

Muhammad A wrote:

I am sorry, but as a language model, I do not have the capability to check out any product update or provide any thoughts on it. However, I can provide general information on the topic of recording Zoom meetings in messages if that would be helpful to you.

Did you just admit to being a bot that regurgitates published information?

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Thanks for the update!


For power users of Upwork and other sites, that is a bad idea. Now in addition to reading the messages we have to review recordings for more information. This will be very time consuming for Expert freelancers that might work with hundreds of clients in a year. In my case, this has the potential to add more administrative work that doesn't pay and in addition watch the dispute department blow up especially since English isn't the first language of many of the freelancers.


Is there a way to opt-out? I prefer to work on client projects not administrative side work.

William, I think you are confusing this with Loom recordings. Zoom recordings are copies of the Zoom meeting available for review days later. Since you frequently interview your potential clients via Zoom, I don't see the administrative burden.



Zoom or the Loom it's a recorded call that now becomes part of the whole process. I frequently have proprietary calls with my clients and the last thing either my clients or myself want is for AI to convert these calls to text and give out to others. It's a SUPER bad idea due to potential nefarious uses. Upwork needs to consider how AI works and they will be opening themselves to bad players and lawsuits which is a total waste of everyones time.

Zoom recordings are password-protected and are deleted after 7 days. Loom recordings can be password-protected.


For whatever worth password-protection is against a software that managed to penetrate the Message chat room.

I didn't know the Zoom recordings are password protected and deleted in seven days.


At least that is a reasonable amount of protection in the short term.

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I ended up here after being thrown off today. I was about to enter a meeting which thankfully had a label that it was being recorded.


I was thrown off because I did not know about the feature, and wasn't asked for consent, or informed prior to the meeting.


In my state, it is illegal to record a meeting without consent from both parties.


However, because I clicked on the link of the meeting (which said recorded) and Zoom gave the notification notice, I was aware


Please understand, I'm okay with being recorded, as long as I have the option to consent. And today the consent felt forced.


Now going forward, I'm aware.


But my biggest question and concern is will Upwork ever provide something for us to appropriately screen clients before going to these meetings?


Yes, I ask questions as much as possible to screen clients. But after some time, every client wants to "hop on a call for 15 minutes" because that would be quicker and/or refuse to answer questions (which is fine because I don't take those meetings).


I don't want to waste the client's time (or mine).


We're not allowed to send calendly links (which can have screening questions and a calendar that actually works - Upwork's calendar integration still gives me an error).


Clients can ask us extensive (and sometimes over-the-top) screening questions.


If they want to schedule a meeting with us, why do we not have the ability to ask a few of our own screening questions (after they click the schedule button and before they schedule the meeting) to ensure no one's time is wasted?

The person who starts the Zoom call can decide whether to enable recording

Use Consultations instead as the top of your funnel to avoid those types of issues.

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Hi There - 

I just held a scheduled meeting through Zoom/Upwork but wasnt able to record the zoom call. Is there a use guide /how to? 

In zoom I had the option to record but it wouldnt work 


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