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Hello there!,few days ago I started a contract that was verified by upwork with this client,my work was to increase his youtube subscribers to 10ksubscribers .this job was verified by upwork and clients budget on the contract was 120/hr.so I logged the time tracker in and worked for 20mins but I received an email from upwork letting me know that the contract has been stopped .so yesterday I received another email from upwork saying they have refunded money back to client because my working activity was low!!!,came as a shock cos all those 20min my work was to log in youtube and see the number rising as I engage people to subscribe?.really really upwork !!.I worked for 20mins only to be slapped by that!.I kept wondering at what point does the client get verified cos that's the only assurity for me to be sure that am safe working either that client?.I thinks it's fair enough if I get the money I worked for .I am not the one who came up with the budget and there was a clear contract of agreement .please help me understand


Hi Phelystus,


I can confirm that someone from our team reached out to you already about your account status. You can check the ticket by going here

~ Joanne
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