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Reordered Steps on Post a Job and Invite Page

On April 21, we launched a three-week test that reorders the steps on the Post a job and invite page.

Check out the product release for Reordered Steps on Post a Job and Invite Page and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

Community Member

From the perspective of someone who sees dozens of private messages posted as public jobs weekly, this is getting closer. (Probably. We'll see how the UX change works with real users.)


But how about a very obvious link right there on the page that says "Are you looking to post a job privately, for Maggie only? CLICK HERE." Because dropping people at the moment of decision just 'cause they can't navigate the labyrinth your way is unhelpful.

Community Member

Exactly—the new mock up doesn't look like it's clarifying anything about invitations; rather, that it's pushing clients toward making all their invitations public posts. For this to truly be a clarifying option, broadening an invitation's reach has to be clearly counterpoised against the option of confirming that the invitation is private.
Otherwise it looks as if Upwork—consistent with so many of its recent actions—wants to push breadth rather than depth in the freelancer pool. The effect is actually to dilute the invitation mechanism. 

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