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Request For Removal of Negative Feedback

Hi, I would like to request the removal of the feedback from my profile and JSS.

This is the only contract that didn't receive 5 stars, which I consider completely unfair. I completed all the work for the client and did the extra work as well and in the end, she just insulted me and gave me 3 star rating.


I gave a honest ffedback so another freelancer did not get the same stress and issue and when she recived my response and feedback, she changed her rating more less.

Please, help me as this is greatly affecting my visibility and my business prospects! Dont know why Upwork allow these types of clients on this platform

Contract ID: 34750716

Remove feedback from profile + JSS Calculation

Thank you


Hi Fatima,


I can see that you've raised a couple of support tickets about your request. I can also confirm that the team has taken action and removed the contract from your Job Success score calculation.


As mentioned on your ticket here, the change will be reflected the next time your score updates. The feedback is also hidden from your profile. At least three months must pass, and at least 10 new jobs on Upwork must be completed before you can submit another request. Please keep in mind that this may not necessarily improve your score.


~ Arjay
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