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Required connects are not visible

Hello Support,  I have noticed that connects required to submit the proposal are not visible for any job postings.
Previously, it was showing connects for some manual searches but now I can not see required connects to any jobs.

So in my feed, I have to click on the job wait for the pop-up, and then see the required connects.


Very strange, day-by-day Upwork always has some new bugs, what's going on with this platform?

Can anyone help to solve this issue?



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I am having a agency plus account and I am not able to see the connect needed to apply for job and bid range information of other freelancers.

Can anyone help me with this issue ?

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Recently, when browsing the job postings, or searching the job postings, the search results included the number of connects needed to send a proposal. That information is no longer displayed. Now, I have to click on the job title in order to see how many connects are required to send a proposal.

I would like to request that the number of connects needed to send a proposal be included in the job listings and job search results as well as the list of saved jobs that I created.


Thank you.

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