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Review not displaying on my project

pls, I have issues with my Upwork account. its already a week now i completed a project and i was given a 5 star review by client. but the issue now is that the review is not displaying on my projects. can you pls me help out on this


Hi Joshua Kehinde,


I checked your account and see that you already have an open ticket regarding this issue and have already posted a follow-up. Please allow time for the team to check and update you on the same ticket to assist further. 

~ Joanne

yes, I did with the support. Thanks, Joanne. And if you have any idea on how to go about this pls kindly share.

Hi joanne. concerning the query i have, nothing has been done yet on it. please is there any means you can be of help?



I saw only one project and it has a 5 stars review. Do you have an other project?

Hi Sophie. Yeah. I completed a project and got a five star from the client but the 5star review is not showing on my projects catalog for some reason i don't understand

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