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Rising Talent badge

Why I got a JSS first without being notified about Rising Talent Badge?


Hi Aaisha,  Thanks for reaching out! 


The Rising Talent status was created for qualified freelancers and agencies new to Upwork. Remember, many factors contribute to a Rising Talent badge. This includes client feedback, the overall strength of your profile, prior experience and skills, your educational background, and the available opportunities in the market.


To help clients pick the right freelancer for their project and give freelancers a chance to highlight their success on Upwork, we show your Job Success Score on your public profile. Once you have enough work history on Upwork, we will automatically replace your Rising Talent status(If you already had it) with a Job Success Score (JSS). Once you earn a Job Success Score, you can start working toward Top Rated status.


You can find out more information about your JSS here.

~ Samuel

Thankyou for the clarification!

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