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It's extremely frustrating that there are so many job posts! There are even more fake job posts than real ones!

And for the few real job posts, only a few of those actually ends up with the client hiring a talent. You will see a lot of clients posting 20+, 300+ jobs with only a 9% hire rate or 33% hire rate!


And has Upwork successfully resolved this issue? I don't think so. It has been ongoing for so long now.

I don't even think Upwork is doing sufficient enough to resolve this, considering that UPWORK BENEFITS FROM THOSE FAKE POSTINGS SINCE USERS WILL PURCHASE MORE AND MORE CONNECTS JUST TO APPLY.


Just want to air my grievances here.

Extremely frustrating.

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I agree. I completed a 60-page translation for $1500 last week via upwork **Edited for Community Guidelines**  I received the approval with very positive comment on the job done. But the payment has been delayed again and again. The newest delay is this morning, but the finance manager and the one who sent me the job disappeared. It seems that upwork has nothing to do with the employers outside of the US...

I can only imagine the amount of effort you have exerted getting that job completed. I truly hope the payment is Escrow protected and you'll get the payment, or that you'll get it in anyway possible.

Hi Dexter,

I neglected to follow the protective measures, and unfortunately, the payment is not secured through Escrow protection. Despite the company's payment method being verified at the Upwork, it doesn't guarantee safety for workers. After consulting several scam detection websites, I have confirmed that PrimeServicesHub is a fraudulent and scam-ridden company with numerous victims for months.

At this point, they are requesting my government ID and an $85 administration fee before releasing my payment. Additionally, they provided a phishing link, attempting to mimic the Integrity Bank website. It's worth noting that this bank is supposedly controlled by the "Finance Payment manager" of PrimeServicesHub. 

I strongly suspect that they might still be operating under different names to perpetrate scams online.

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Imagine just one client, who has posted 300 job post, and a hire rate of 10%.

That means, 270 jobs posted with no one hired.

Let's say only 10 talent applied for reach job post, so that's 270 multiplied by 10, so that is 2,700 proposals.

That is already a freakin 2,700 proposals for just one client.

Let's say the connect is just 8 per proposal, that is already 21,600 connects PAID by talents and wasted.

Good job to Upwork for this scheme wherein they continuously earn from fake job posts and clients with extremely low hire rate, too bad for talents. 

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I am curious who is posting them if Upwork benefits from it seriously and the only one who benefits it's just only upwork 🙂 I think it's clear at least for me that there is no place for me, and no cent will be paid further  from my pocket for that "legal" scam.

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