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Saved Jobs Not Opening Up

Here's another problem that I submitted to Help and Support, about which haven't heard anything back.

I've lately had a problem with Saved Jobs.  I can Save a job just fine, but then when I go to my Saved Jobs and click on it, the thing won't open up.  It absolutely, completely fails to do this.  It just does not respond.  It's never done this to me before; this just started this week.  What's going on?  Is anyone else experiencing this and does anyone know what to do about it, since Help and Support is useless and there is no Chat?  


Hello J.A.


Thank you for your message. I checked and I am unable to replicate the issue with loading jobs saved under Saved jobs. Could you please try again after clearing Cookies and Cache on your browser? You can also try using a different browser. Feel free to message us if problems persist.


Thank you


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I'm having the same issue. I'm able to save the job on the desktop or through the app, but it won't let me apply for the job I saved through the app. I've always been able to do this, and it's the primary way I've always applied through work on Upwork. It's really inconvenient not being able to do this anymore.

Hi Lindsay,


I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you. Can you try reinstalling the app and check if you still can't apply to the jobs you've saved? Let me know so I can assist you further with this.

~ Luiggi
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