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Scammer Inside Upwork **Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines** is scammer be aware of him.
dont trust any work with this email    (**Edited for Community Guidelines**)
its all scam fraud cheats they are not giving me 3000 dollars..everyone should aware of them.

he gave me 200 pages project and said me complete this project then i will send money to your account and you have 2 days.

when i completed the project within 2 days and sent him..after that he text me i cant pay..first you have to pay 300 dollars for id 
card..i said" this was not in our term and conditions and also in our agreement" .
he replyed" company policies changes everything how do i know.."

first he took the project from me then he doing lame excuses to take 300 dollars from me..
i have all its proof phots everything..he is big scammer..

i dont know how i take my money from him ..this was my first time and he did this with me..i dont know how i can trust this upwork plat form after this fraud with me.

you guys should aware of this @**Edited for Community Guidelines** he can also do fraud with u guys.

this guy did fraud with me now not giving me 3k my money to me, i think now it hard for me to trust upwork website anymore due to this cheater fraud guy @**Edited for Community Guidelines** and never trust this email any work **Edited for Community Guidelines**

this marinonesoftware is also fraud..

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I am very sorry that you had a disappointing experiences while using Upwork.


Focus inward.

This is not about the scammer. This is about you.

You made a LOT of mistakes.

You need to focus on your own mistakes. You need to learn what you did wrong, so that you don't make those same mistakes again in the future.


Two key things:

You worked without an official Upwork contract.

You communicated off-platform.


The good news:



You don't need to rely on anyone else. You can control whether or not you get paid. You just need to learn which buttons to click.

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