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Scammer? What happens now?

I sent in a proposal for a job that took 12 connects. Got offered the job but they asked to move off of Upwork onto Skype. I forgot that this was a red flag (it was late at night and I didn't catch it at first) and went along with it. When they offered to pay me directly and refused to set up a contract on Uprwork, I asked to move the conversation back to Upwork. They said sure and that we would continue this conversation in the morning. I did not want to continue the conversation as I was highly suspicious of the client at this point, but out of curiosity I looked this morning and they blocked me. I reported the job listing that was still up, but now what? Am I just out of those 12 connects? I know that's now that much money (like $1.75), but that is still highly frustrating to me. 


Here is the job listing:

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Yes I know I should have picked up on the red flags eariler, but I stupidly was trying to be optomisic and take a chance. 

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Hi Sarah, I'm sorry that happened to you. 
Unfortunately, the connects are gone. I would advise that next time, you screen potential clients.
It's not only up to the clients to see if we're a good fit for the job. We also have to see to it that the client is good enough. You check for reviews, hire rates, location, and payment verified status, amongst other things.
When you do this, and you still feel like sending a proposal response, then at least you know it was a risk you were willing to take.
Scammers happen to be everywhere, we just have to get familiar with their modus operandi so we can avoid them.

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You'll get your connects back if Upwork takes the job down.


In general, easy jobs that "require no thinking" don't pay $20-44/hour, so it was 99 percent certain to be a scam just from the job description. You're better off looking for work that does require thinking, instead of trying to make easy money here.

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Yeah, I agree with you but Upwork don't know about clients that either they will ask freelancers to move off the Upwork after getting proposals on their jobs. But I suggest you to report such clients to Upwork immediately when they are insisting to move off the Upwork because Upwork is an authentic platform and everyone must keep their contract and payment through Upwork. One more thing that Upwork does not allow any of its user to trust such people who wanna loot others. So be active and report such scammers to Upwork. Thanks

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