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Should I Replace One of My Specializations with Video Editing on Upwork?

I'm an expert in logo design facing a shortage of clients on Upwork. Considering a transition to video editing, I currently have a main profile for logo design, a secondary specialization in graphic design, and a third for logo designing. Should I replace one of these specializations with video editing?


How can I effectively manage this transition while optimizing my profiles to attract new clients?

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Hi my skill graphic design 

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Hi Sijal,


I would do exactly that. Since your main profile and your Logo Design specialized profile are virtually the same, you might get more exposure to video editing jobs if your Logo Design specialized profile is changed to Video Editing. When you apply to video editing jobs, you can send your Video Editing specialized profile.


I'm not sure if making the change will have a huge impact on your overall profile; I don't think it should, but Upwork search results are quite unpredictable.

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