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Site boosting scam?

Hey :),


I've been flagging these job proposals since last week and am not sure what they are really trying to do. Wether they are making freelancers click on the link to later sell the website as having proven traffic or just wasting freelancers time (and connects). Please feel free to flag them as well so the accounts are checked.


Looking up the website owner wasn't helpfull: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

The account keeps demanding that you click the link for details and places this link in multiple job proposals.  **Edited for Community Guidelines**

(I've attached a screenshot of what the proposal looks like and have flagged 3 just today).


I am sure that this person has been doing this constantly because I reported the same link last week and the account in question was created today.

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Thank you for reporting this here. Flagging might get these taken down, but IT WILL NOT prevent them from being reposted. And like you point out, this obvious same client that created an account today will be able to to keep creating new accounts and then posting because Upowrk does not verify clients' identities before allowing then to open accounts. So big deal, they get banned, and then just open a new account. And even though Upwork might remove the EXACT same scam post 1000 times, they won't prevent it from being posted 1000 more times.

True, I agree and that makes sense. That is why I decided to post it here so that freelancers can hopefully be made aware.  Worst case scenario this is a group of freelancers making other freelancers waste their connects by placing fake job proposals so that they can bid boost higher.... Crazy, I know.

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