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Solved a dispute, now i need to change my feedback

Hi Everyone, i need support because i would like to change a feedback i released to a freelancer. 
I opened a dispute with the support and he completed the job so i can now change my feedback to him. I'm out of the 14days timeframe of course because this entire thing with the support and the dispute lasted quite a long, is there any way to do that? 


Hi Arturo,


Thank you for reaching out to us. You can only change your feedback on a freelancer's profile within 14 days from the time that the contract was ended. They would have to enable this on their end before you can do so as well. 


In order to enable you to change your feedback on their profile, you must contact them and request their permission.


To enable changes

  1. Go to My Jobs  All Contracts

  2. Check the Include closed contracts box and

  3. Click the title of the contract to get to the details page

  4. Go to Feedback and click the Enable client to change feedback link


You may check out this article for more information.


~ AJ
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