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TDS GST for clients from India



I have hired developers in the last financial year and have done all the payments through Upwork. I do all the payments through credit card in USD. The issue is, how do I file the returns? Do you pay GST or TDS on my behalf?

What taxes are applicable to me as a registered company in India?

Can you provide any documents which I can use to file my returns and where I can show the expenses?

My CA says I need to pay the TDS and GST both, over and above what I have paid to Upwork and that is not financially feasible at all for me.


Expecting a quick response.


Thank you.


Hi Viral,


We are required to withhold TDS from freelancers' earnings and then remit what we collect to the Indian government. However, since you're referring to this as a client, it would be best for you to consult your local tax authority to learn how you should proceed.

~ Luiggi
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Thank you for your reply. I already tried to talk to the consultants here
and no one has clarity. All they said is if I pay to USA entity in US
dollars then it’s considered as import of service, under which I have to
pay import duty as well as GST.

This is not feasible for a company as it costs too much more. I assume
Upwork to have some clarity about this and work out what we as clients need
to do. PayPal had a similar case and they registered as a company in India.

Unfortunately, as as Upwork does not have any clarifications, it becomes
difficult for us to do business with upwork.

It would be great if you can figure out something and give clarity on this.
Considering the amount of business I have given on Upwork, I assume you
would figure out something, which is am sure other buyers from India would
also benefit.

Thank you.
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