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Telephone contact with job prospects

What is cost to hiring client? Who pays, client or job seeker. 


Also, how can I speak to job  candidates I think are good before I hire them?


Hi Les,


I appreciate you reaching out to us with your questions. When you hire on Upwork, you'll pay a 5% Client Marketplace Fee on all payments to freelancers for fixed-price and hourly jobs, Project Catalog projects, bonuses, and BYO contracts.

You'll also pay a one-time contract initiation fee of up to $4.95 USD for each new Marketplace and Project Catalog contract. We charge this fee when you make the first payment to a freelancer.


We do offer discounts as well. I recommend reading this guide to learn more: Client Marketplace and Contract Initiation Fees


To interview a freelancer, you may use our Message Center for videos, voice calls, and chats. You may learn more, here.


I recommend that you also take this lesson to learn how to get started: Upwork 101 for Clients Learning Path


Once you've learned the basics and would like further assistance, please get in touch with our support team at https://support.upwork.com. Our specialists are on standby to assist you from start to finish.


I hope this is helpful, Les.

~ Matt E
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