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The AI chat bot is the worst customer support I have ever encountered.

I went to contact support because of a problem I have with the messaging system.

The AI chat bot gave me generic diversions that did not address my issue. So I asked to speak to a human. It said it would, and then it just redirected me to the same support page where the only option is to open a chat with the AI.

For the amount of money that Upwork earns off me, I expect to not be forced to interact with an AI bot that only seems to exist to prevent me from getting any kind of actual support.

Not every customer support issue is something that can be found in a FAQ. Sometimes it's specific and requires actual engagement. In this case, my issue is that some of the policies in the messaging system are deleting my messages, so it's no help at all to have an AI chat bot just tell me what the policies are. I know what they are. They're causing problems, and I want to suggest a fix. I can't do that with the AI chatbot because it's only capable of informing me of existing information.

Maybe it's impossible to expect that a company won't cut corners and try and save money by utilizing AI, but having no option to get to a human is absolutely the worst form of customer support.


Hi Dave,


I’m sorry to learn you weren’t able to contact the Upwork Support Team directly, or file a ticket after interacting with the chatbot. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience you've encountered. Please rest assured that we're continuously working to improve our support processes and provide better assistance to our users. I will ensure your feedback reaches the relevant team.


Regarding the issue with the messaging system policies causing messages to be deleted, could you please share any specific suggestions you have? I will be happy to review and pass them along to the appropriate team for further consideration. 


If there's anything else we can assist you with or if you'd like to further discuss your concern, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help.


- Pradeep


Hi Pradeep, I cannot even get this messaged typed without the bad word issue. How are we supposed to reach out to you?

Hi Francois, 


I am sorry to hear you experinece the issue with contacting customer support. Could you please share more information about the issue you are experiencing here in Community and we will be happy to assist you accordingly or connect you with the appropriate team? 

~ Nikola
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Thank you for responding.

At this time, I have two essential suggestions.

1. It seems that if I include any "@" symbol into a message, that message is rejected on the grounds that it's assumed that people might be exchanging contact information to continue working arrangements outside of Upwork.

In my case, my webhosting service automatically generates FTP login usernames that include an "@" symbol, and there is nothing I can do about this.

So, when I tried to send a freelancer the login information for my server, within a message that included a lot of information about where to find files and how to proceed, the entire message was deleted. I had to rewrite the whole thing, which is a waste of time.

So, what needs to change is that if you are going to reject any use of the "@" symbol, then there should be a warning that pops up when the character is put into the message, and also the option to edit the message before it is sent.

2. Your AI chatbot system embodies everything that is wrong with trying to automate support. An AI bot simply has no way to handle an issue like the one above, and not being able to reach a human is a complete waste of time. Upwork needs to trust that sometimes when a user wants to skip an AI bot and speak to a human, it's because only a human can address the issue.

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I had my first experience with the chatbot today. It was pretty rude, tbh. I've paid upwork a lot of money, and the answer to my problem aparantely is to 'do it differently next time'. I will avoid it in future.

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I think they completely got rid of their support team. The bot is infuriating, and the support page has absolutely no way to open a support ticket. 

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