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This platform does not protect freelancers

I am very angry. I got the job done, the client was happy, he approved the milestone on May 23rd (a month ago). I received the money in my account and now I have received an email that I have refunded it. It is not true. What's wrong here? I have also lost my money in the past while it was pending. And no one helped me from support.
They just send me some articles how can I secure myself. Sorry, but is it not your job? You charges me 20%. Why do you take responsibility for anything?
I am really tired. It is unfair. I spend my time. I didn't sleep at night and this plastofrm never secures me. If you can not secure fixed projects, why not cancel them? Why does this platform allow to post similar projects?
Recently, it so often happens that some projects are suspended. 2 days ago I noticed that one of my current projects was suspended. I wrote to support about it, as well as to my client, and he promised that he would find out about it. Then the client wrote to me that now everything is fine. I was happy. Today I wanted to withdraw my money and saw this message: "Your financial account has been suspended. To proceed, please contact Customer Support." I wrote to support and was told they did it because of my secure "This hold is to ensure your financial security during the investigation." So thank you very much! After that, I also lost my money from the account, which was very necessary for me. If I could withdraw the money, this did not happen.

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They try.

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