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Time tracker doesn’t track time

Hi! I have used Upworks time tracker but the time hasn't been logged. My work diary is empty and the client can not see my time. I have not forgotten to turn on the tracker because under "Latest Screen Capture" I can see the latest shot of my screen and how long ago it was taken. 

How do I solve my problem?

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If you have used Upwork's time tracker, yet your work diary is still empty and the client can not see your time, it is likely an issue with the tracking system. If the latest screen capture indicates that the tracker has been on, then there must be a glitch or delay in Upwork's system. You should contact Upwork support to investigate further and find a resolution quickly.


Hi Emmyline,


I can see that you have several active Hourly Contracts on your account. Can you please share with us the Contract ID for the job you're referring to? This way we can take a closer look and assist you accordingly. You can get the Contract ID by going to All Contracts> Select the Contract in question> It should be under the Details Column here.


Looking forward to your response. 


~ Arjay
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