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Time tracking stops after 1st screenshot - anyone else?

Hi everyone,

last week, I started my first hourly Upwork job. I managed to get the Linux version of the time tracker app running on my Chromebook, except for the known screenshot issue (the problem with Wayland).

However, when I checked my Work Diary, I found out that time tracking seems to have stopped after the first attempt at taking a screenshot. Only ten minutes of work time showed up for each hour I worked. There was no additional error message in the app, just the one about Wayland.

My Chromebook is running Debian 11 as its Linux environment, and while I realise that this is not a supported OS, the incomplete time logging was a totally unexpected issue for me.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Best regards,


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I have a rather similar problem. I switched to a MacBook Pro last November, when using the hour tracker several times during the week it crashes, and I have to reopen it.
I have written several times to Upwork, and the best solution they have given me is to uninstall everything, even the cache that installations sometimes leave behind, and reinstall it.
It has improved because it used to crash almost every day and now it is usually once a week.

Best regards;


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Install previous Upwork client version. Version or older do work with Wayland.

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