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Unable to submit a Support Ticket

I have been trying to submit a support ticket with no success. Every time I click to start a ticket, it shows the options for submission for a split of a second and redirects me to searching the help articles.  (Attached is a screen video)


Is this intentionally done to prevent clients from submitting support tickets?!!!!



Hi Muhammad,


I'm sorry that you're having trouble submitting a ticket. Can you please share more details about why you're trying to contact support? We'll be happy to escalate your concern directly if needed.

~ Luiggi
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So, it is indeed intentional!!

Do you also filter clients based on a certain criterion? 

This platform is HORRIFIC> They took all my money, don't return phone calls, won't let you start a support ticket, nothing. I am an attorney myself and have been on the phone with the FTC over this for the last 45 minutes. 

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