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Upwork Accounts

Can I use two different emails for two different Upwork profiles (one is as a freelancer and the other is as a contractor)

Will I face any fear of suspension of my accounts?

Because for work purposes, I have to maintain these accounts from two different emails.


Hi Samia,


Thank you for your message. Could you please confirm if you are referring to the client account as your separate account here?


Thank you,



Hi Pradeep,


Thanks for your reply. But I want to clarify my problem so that I can get the best solution. I am telling you the details of my problem.

Actually, I have a freelancer account in Upwork. Recently I joined a company as a bookkeeper. They have a client account on Upwork. They want me to track their Upwork hiring expenses. For this purpose, they sent me an invitation from their Upwork Client account to join their team. When I am accepting the invitation I sign up with a different email address instead of login with my freelancer account email.
In this case, I am using one email address from my freelancer account and another email address for the client account where I joined. I am using both from the same device and browser.


I want to know, is there any problem that I am using two different emails from the same device? Or, I will face any account suspension Issue?


Hi Samia,


Thank you for responding. Please know that having multiple accounts is against Upwork Terms of Service and can get your account put on hold. You can have freelancer and client profiles in one account. You can follow the steps listed here. Please let us know if you need assistance and we'll be more than happy to help you.

~ AJ
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