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Upwork Messaging

Is there a way to know if your client has read your Upwork message? 
If not, can that feature be added, please? 




Hi Audrey,


We genuinely appreciate you reaching out and sharing your feedback/suggestions about the Upwork Messages feature here in the Community. We don't have an indicator for messages to confirm if it's been read or not.


However, if you send or receive a message, it will create an email notification. These will be sent to the email account you used to register with Upwork. You can reply to any message from these email notifications, too. When you respond directly from your email, your reply will be posted in the conversation where it originated.


If you start receiving too many email notifications or don't wish to receive any at all, you can change your settings. Choose the Settings gear icon and select Notifications to update your preferences.


~ Arjay
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